Scalable GreenHouse Automation

About Digital Terrace

Digital Terrace is a greenhouse automation platform giving greenhouse owners and commercial growers a fully remote monitoring and control over their products, sensors, and greenhouse systems such as irrigation, ventilation, etc.

  • Accurate Date
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Automated Workflows
  • Full Customer Support
  • Efficient Yield
  • Remote Real-time Control

Meet our team

Rasoul Namavari


Rasoul has a PhD. in the Utilization of Medicinal Plants with a focus on advanced farming. He has worked as an advisor and sales lead in a number of fertilizer import/export companies.

As the president of Digital Terrace, Rasoul leads strategy and executes on the vision of the business.

Amin Rezasoltani

CTO & Vice President

Amin has double degree MSc. in Mechanics and Mechatronics Engineering and also Industrial Engineering. He is a skilled programmer and hardware developer with several patents, and he is also a board member for the Doctor Robot company.

At Digital Terrace, Amin oversees hardware and software development, and the integration process.

Abdolreza Sharifi

Design Engineer

Abdolreza Sharifi has BSc. in Agricultural engineering and an MSc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He leads hardware initiatives, and is deployed to the field to troubleshoot and help iterate on the core product.

Mehdi Goli

Business Development

Mehdi holds a degree from Islamic Azad University, and various certificates in project management and software design. He is an expert in GIS, project management, and is an award-winning inventor & entrepreneur.

Mehdi leads business development initiatives, including customer and market discovery work, allowing Digital Terrace to expand beyond greenhouses.

Seyed Mojtaba Ashraf

Marketing & Growth

Seyed is an expert in digital marketing, and is an experienced entrepreneur in national and international trading, and optical lens manufacturing. At Digital Terrace, Seyed leads digital marketing and growth initiatives.

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